About us

We are 20 years old, and we are among the top makers of network base stations. We operate in the Czech and Slovak Republic, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. We got there thanks to the quality and precision of our projects and our extraordinary skills, as well as the hard work of our employees. Our solutions involve production, maintenance and service, so we are able to manage our projects from beginning to end. The quality and precision of our procedures during the construction and modernization for LTE, 3G, 2G and microwave connection technologies is backed up by the satisfaction of our customers.

We are part of Suntel Group, which provides us with a stable background and the possibility for further growth. Our partners - particularly the most important mobile phone operators in the county - have been working with us for a long time thanks to our reliability and our flexibility. You can simply rely on us.

How we manage projects


We find suitable locations and arrange every aspect of acquisitions.


We provide comprehensive project and engineering work for the construction of telecommunications and industrial services.

Construction, steel structures

We carry out the erection of towers for BTSs for mobile operators.


Our specialists install and integrate our own technological stations.


All of our projects always undergo a final inspection so that our work is handed over in perfect condition.

Why choose us


We are comprehensive

We provide production, assembly and maintenance without using subcontractors.


We act quickly

We respond to changes in a flexible manner, and we are not limited by corporate processes.


We value precision

Maximum quality is our priority, which is reflected via our standards and new solutions.


We are a big company

As a member of Suntel Group, we can rely on high-quality facilities, our own constructions and specialized techniques, which means we are prepared to use a variety of technologies.


We are like a family

We take care of our employees, and we are constantly working to improve their satisfaction and expertise.


We have references

We have taken steps to ensure that we establish and maintain quality relationships with our clients, as well as in other countries (Switzerland, Slovakia, Germany, Austria).


You can count on us

We provide the greatest number of services for VODAFONE ČR and, since 2016, for CETIN and SALT as well.

We provide support

Education is the future, and so we like providing support for the technical and technological development of schools. We give young people with technical talent an opportunity as we organize excursions and workshops. We also provide support for sports and selected charity projects.

Thank you letter from MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES

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